• We can redesign legacy products with modern technologies to keep your equipment running.
  • PCB layout services.
  • Firmware development.
  • Prototype builds.
  • Membrane and Overlay design.  We can print overlays and build membranes in house.


  • We manufacture a variety of electromechanical parts for many industries.
  • Need just a few, no problem.  Need thousands, we can do that too!
  • Send us your parts list, we will build it.
  • We fully test every assembly.  We can even help you develop your test if you do not have one.
  • Parts can ship in our packaging or we will pack it in yours.
  • Your parts will be ready to go on the shelf or to your service trucks.

Advantages of Repair

  • GREEN - Repairs keep defective circuit boards out of the landfill.  70% of the toxic materials in landfills come from electronics.
  • AVAILABILITY - Repairing obsolete and out of warranty boards keeps them available when they are no longer being manufactured.
  • OEM - Repaired circuit boards are still OEM parts.  They are not clones or after-market products.
  • RELIABLE - Repaired circuit boards are actually more reliable than new ones.  They have already been through the "infant mortality" phase.


Repairing electronics can save you 60% or more on the cost of buying new parts.


Our expert technicians will get your parts repaired and returned when you need them. 


Custom advance exchange available.  We will ship you a part that has already been repaired in exchange for your broken part.
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